Finally, you can have the life you really want and it�s never been easier, faster, or cheaper than this...


Imagine YOU -- An Info-Millionaire! Here�s How To Shortcut Your Way To a PhD Level Education in Information Publishing � So You Can Enjoy The Ultimate Lifestyle� Cash-Stuffed Bank Account� and True Freedom For Life...

Even If You Have No Skills, No Experience, and No Money!"

This "turn-key" package gives you proven products, proven ads, a proven step-by-step plan, proven everything you need to cash-in BIG with your own mail order/internet business (while working part-time!).

You'll own permanent royalty-free reprint and duplication rights to hot-selling books, software, DVD's  and a complete 16 CD Information Marketing  home study course that thousands of people want to buy.

Plus, you get ready-to-use advertisements, direct mail letters, and press releases that'll sell the socks-off all these products for you. Use these ads and you're instantly in business making money!

It's never going to get any easier than this to have your own successful internet / mail order business -- Just open the box and you are in business so, TAKE ACTION NOW!!!


...what I�ve learned from Ron LeGrand has already earned me over $ 501,629 ...

"I came because what I�ve learned from Ron LeGrand has already earned me over $ 501,629 in the last several years� I came to double that this year, and I�m sure it will happen."

Ted Ciuba, for Parthenon Marketing Inc
America's Foremost Internet Marketing Consultant
Host of the How To Get Rich On The Internet� BootCamp

Dear Friend, 

If you've been looking for a quick and easy way to get into a highly profitable home-based business that you can run in your spare time, this letter will tell you all about it -- and you simply will not believe the possibilities! 

This business can provide you with a large enough income -- an income so big that you can quit your present job if you'd like, and live life as you please! You are going to love this

If you�ve ever thought about selling information products or if you�re currently doing so, you owe it to yourself and your family to take a look at this incredible offer where I provide you with resale rights to hot products and all the marketing tools, expertise and support to make money within 30 days.

From this offer will stem many multi-million-dollar careers in information marketing, as well as, dozens of part time home based businesses. This is not a guess. I�m absolutely certain of it. How can I be so certain? It�s simple!

I�ve been an infopreneur for over 10 years, selling over $5,000,000 in low cost information products last year alone. I know what I�m talking about and frankly my experience is dwarfed by the world-class faculty I assembled for this event. But I�ll get to them in a minute.

Hi, my name is Ron LeGrand. People know me as a real estate guru. The world�s leading expert in Quick Turning houses. I�ve bought and sold over 1,300 houses and still do today. You may have seen me on TV with John and Gregg Rice, the world�s smallest living twins. In the late eighties I started teaching others what I know about real estate. This mushroomed into a publicly held, multimillion-dollar information marketing company doing over $10,000,000 annually.

It all started with a $10 book I created so I wouldn�t have to give the same talk over and over again when people wanted to know how I was so successful.

Recently, I started teaching what I spent over $20,000,000 learning, about how to create products for pennies and selling them for dollars. Then I created a 3 day event and taped it which I had professionally edited. The 175 people who attended each paid $1,498 to be there. For the first time these audio CD's are available to you along with the same system manual we used in class and a license to resell them and keep all the money. I�m making millionaires all over North America and I�d like for you to join us if you can make decisions and take action.

The live taped event is simply called�the Information Marketing Boot Camp.

What is Information Marketing?

Perhaps you�re wondering what I mean by information marketing. It�s simple � If you sell information in any format you�re an information marketer. That includes books, tapes, videos, reports, CDs, seminars, coaching, newsletters, consulting, e-zines and magazines. It�s all information marketing, and it�s a multi-billion dollar industry. This industry includes hundreds of million-dollar companies and thousands of small home-based info-preneurs working from their home office a few hours a week. Some of these home-based operations are making over one million dollars a year silently behind the scenes. Others are simply subsidizing their income in a clean, non confrontational, low risk business. There are several real life success stories on the CD's.

You�ll see how I made a fortune doing the exact same business and how all my panel members did the same. And now with the resale rights I�m offering, you can jump right in the existing system and shortcut at least 5 years of learning.

Here�s the facts:

The Purpose of the event was to help as many people as possible start or grow a high-income information marketing business from their home with no previous experience and very little start up capital.

I don�t care where you are financially or if you have a product to sell. One of the hardest things for people to learn is your success does not depend on you creating a product or being an expert in anything. The big money is not being a creative genius. The welfare lines are full of them. Any idiot can create information products�.

But It Takes A Properly Educated Info Marketing Entrepreneur To Sell Them.

I was literally blown away by this seminar.
I've been a successful internet marketer for over 5 years, and I thought I knew it all. But I was literally blown away by this seminar. I learned some new concepts that I know are going to double or triple my income with the same effort.
Robert Gatchel
Eddystone, PA

If you don�t have a product, don�t worry. You won�t need one because we�ll show you how to�Create Or License A Product You Can Produce For Pennies And Sell For Dollars on the Tapes. And I�m throwing in the rights to resell the same boot camp CD's you�ll be learning from at no cost. So you�ll come out of the starting gate with a prepackaged system, ready to go.

The purpose of this 16 CD Home Study Course is to take you by the hand and lead you through each step of a marketing campaign. We stayed focused on the basics and covered the details so you can create a complete plan for any product or service you choose to sell. You�ll see how much work, time and money went into the production of these boot camp CD's so you can resell them and avoid all that pain. I�ve done the creating so you can do the marketing and keep 100% of your profits.

Now for the first time you can not only order these CD's  for your own use, but you can resell them to others and make a lot of money by doing exactly what we teach on these CD's. But more on that later.

The Faculty

Robert Allen. Yes, it�s the Robert Allen you know. Another real estate guru turned info-preneur. Bob wrote the book Nothing Down followed with Creating Wealth. Both on the best seller list for years and still available in bookstores everywhere. His newest is Multiple Streams Of Income and that�s what he�ll be teaching.  But Bob will be the first to tell you even though real estate is his first love, it was information marketing that made him a multimillionaire. I�m not only proud to have shared the podium with Bob but I�m extremely happy I could convince him to share what he knows with you. This is a rare opportunity to listen to one of the greatest marketing brains alive.

Here�s just a short list of some of the things Bob covered:

  • How to make at least $1,000 a day selling "how-to" information to eager info-maniacs.

  • How to turn your expertise / passion / hobby into lifetime streams of cash flow.

  • What are the 5 Rings of Riches: The vast opportunities that await all info-preneurs.

  • How to research, discover, acquire, and organize your ideas.

  • How to express, display, package and communicate yourself.

  • How to sell, distribute, disseminate, and promote yourself and your product.

  • How to find the millions in profits overlooked by most info-preneurs.

  • The Info-Funnel: Attracting lifelong customers into your inner circle.

  • How to find customers hungry for your products and keep them.

But Bob is just one of our faculty. Here�s another multi-million dollar man people pay huge sums of money to hire for a little of his time.

                   Dan Kennedy � Dan has helped countless beginners and novices "find their legs" in the info-publishing and marketing businesses, including dozens of private clients, who�ve each gone from point-zero to making over a million dollars a year. But he is also a highly paid, much in demand advisor to those already experienced and successful in this field. He also consults with clients having Businesses worth in excess of $20 million, as well as his 15 "Platinum Inner Circle Members" with businesses ranging in size from a million to over fifteen million in sales, each of whom pay $7,200.00 in annual dues just to attend the Platinum meetings. I consider myself honored to be included in his elite Platinum Group.

As a consultant, Dan commands fees beginning at $800 an hour, and is routinely paid $15,000 to $25,000 (plus royalties) for creating direct-response ads and direct-mail campaigns - - and over 80% of all clients who use his services once, do so repeatedly. Dan is an absolute master at using the "lowly" simple sales letter to outperform expensive, glitzy brochures � to create fortunes. (For example, in 1999, one of his clients put over $300,000.00 in profits in her bank account with one four page sales letter Dan wrote!).

And Dan lives what he teaches. He has been producing and successfully marketing his own info-products for over 20 years. He has sold well over a million dollars worth of his own products each year; and has developed product for and/or marketed his products via joint ventures with the Nightingale-Conant Corporation, Guthy-Renker Corporation, Hume Publishing and Entrepreneur Magazine, to name a few.

Here�s some items Dan covered on these CD's:

  • Permission Marketing: How using it part-time can easily earn you more than your full-time job, no matter how much money you make.

  • Sequential selling strategies and automated money generators create cash on demand.

  • Learn how to apply performance marketing to all your advertising with zero up-front cost.

  • 7 of the biggest mistakes people make as info-preneurs and how avoiding them will eliminate failure and drastically increase your income beyond belief.

  • How to structure your marketing business so it�s competition free and continues to pump out cash for the rest of your life.

  • How to build equity into your customer list and increase its value each time you mail to it.

  • How to totally automate your business so you can focus on what makes you money.

  • Learn how to learn from your competition with scientific accuracy and model their success.

Ken McCarthy � Quicksand or pot of gold? In spite of all the hype, the reality is the Internet has probably hurt more entrepreneurs and wasted more money than any other area of business in the last five years. But it doesn�t have to be that way for you. Adding the Internet to your money making arsenal can be a straightforward, pain-free, and cost effective process - if you have the right guide to help you avoid most mistakes and exploit the opportunities that most of the so called experts aren�t aware of.

Ken McCarthy is highly qualified to show you the way. A widely acknowledged trendsetter in the Internet industry since 1993, he has advised everyone from the first time entrepreneurs to the Japanese computer giant NEC. You�ll find his down to earth, easy to follow techniques and strategies are a refreshing change from the techno-babble and pie in the sky promises that dominate the news media and are featured at hugely expensive Internet seminars. You�ll get a solid gold plan you can start executing immediately.

In recent years, Ken�s made precious but few speaking appearances choosing instead to devote his time to working closely with a few select clients. If you�ve ever wanted to learn the Internet straight from one of its top performers, this is your chance. Remember, this is a field where the difference between good and bad advice can easily be worth millions.

Here�s what Ken covered on these CD's:

  • The little-known SECRETS about what it REALLY takes to make money on the Internet.

  • How to quickly attract thousands of prospects to your web site.

  • How to find places that will list your web site for free and immediately start delivering hoards of visitors.

  • How to get a secure ordering capability for your site without spending hundreds of dollars on a site certificate.

  • The hidden factor in web design that will either kill your response if you ignore it or multiply response if you do one simple, inexpensive thing.

  • How to get FREE statistics about where visitors to your site are coming from and other VITAL info.

  • Why a simple name change can dramatically increase subscribers to your e-zine.

  • A rule of thumb that can forecast how much money you can expect to be making by using a newsletter.

  • How to get your e-zine noticed, even if no one knows who you are.

  • The best ways to convert your e-zine subscribers to buyers.

Frankly, I had three pages of items Ken taught about Internet Marketing and these are only a few. I can sum it all up by saying you�ll learn how to turn the Internet into an autopilot, low cost marketing machine.

You�ll get enough trade secrets from the Internet session alone to more than pay for these tapes. But you�re getting more than just trade secrets. You�ll get a finely tuned action plan that a computer dinosaur (like me) can quickly set up and use to generate big bucks.

Don Campbell � from Vancouver, Canada, laid out the simplest and easiest way to follow a multiple step campaign I�ve ever heard. You see, the key is in the follow-up, not the first contact with a prospect. Don will show you real live examples of how a $4000 investment turned into a $65,000 windfall in 2 weeks and how he repeats this process several times a year. You�ll see why 85% of your income comes from doing the exact opposite of what most so called information marketers are doing. Don�s presentation woke me up and showed me how I�m losing a fortune every month. He didn�t just talk, he proved his point with actual case studies from his own business. Incidentally, he has sold over $22,000,000 worth of information products in the last few years. I guess he knows what he�s talking about.

Ron LeGrand � That�s me! Information marketing is what I do almost everyday of my life. In fact we sell hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of products each month in the form of print, audio, video, CD, and live seminars. It�s all information marketing.  I started with a $10 product and built a multimillion-dollar public company by doing the exact same thing I taught you at the boot camp and I had no money, no credit, no rich relative, and no previous experience.

Here�s a list of some of the things I covered on these CD's:

  • I�ll show you the most cost effective ways I�ve tested and proven to get people to inquire about your product, whether you�re looking for 50 prospects or 5,000.

  • Magnum Marketing. How to turn other people�s ideas and products into high powered cash generators using simple, safe and no risk methods.

  • How to create products, quickly, easily and cheaply that sell for a lot of money, even if you�re not an expert at anything.

  • 9 Key ingredients of a good product. Miss one and you�ll probably lose money.

  • How to quickly determine your break-even and examine your realistic potential profit before you begin any project.

  • How to accept orders without taking any phone calls, talking to anyone, warehousing or shipping anything, processing credit cards or even having a merchant account. You won�t need one unless you intend to do serious business and if you do we�ll set you up. Your approved.

  • How to put your business on auto pilot so you can play golf while the money rolls in. This ain�t hype � it�s absolutely real and happening for me and everyone on the faculty.

  • How to get your customers to send you more money without you lifting a finger.

  • How to get new customers to come to you and sift and sort themselves automatically using the newest technology while you�re asleep.

  • Copywriting secrets I�ve learned over the last 10 years that increase sales 300% on the average.

  • Examine the methods used by most of the faculty, to devise your own business plan for success starting with a paupers budget, as we all did.

  • Learn how to test ideas as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Don�t throw away new ideas just because you�re not sure of the outcome.

  • Analyze how to build irresistible offers that compel people to buy instantly.

  • How to get others to sell your products at no cost to you and split the profit.

In fact, we discussed exactly what I�m currently doing to generate hundreds of thousands in income per month and how I started with a $2,000 budget.

I disclose trade secrets to you that aren�t available to anyone else, anywhere. You get every little piece of my campaigns with each detail covered thoroughly. I even gave up the real numbers we achieved on both the income and expense side of the actual boot camp we taped. The audience couldn�t believe I disclosed this insider information. They were shocked at the profit we generated from one single seminar. You will be too. You�ll also learn how you can sell seminars and do the same thing. You don�t need to be an expert at anything.

...very instrumental on me getting my business started.
Very informative- Ron covered all the bases. The supplemental information from the guest lecturers will be very instrumental on me getting my business started. The guest lectures were all "gurus" in their fields.

A very small price to pay for a future life changing event. Great Boot Camp!!!!

John Ferguson
Louisville, KY

Who Should Immediately Order This 16 CD Information Marketing Home Study Course?

You, if you�ve lost your job, think you�re going to, or wish you would

You, if you want to sit at home and make more money than your working stiff friends and relatives

You, if you truly want to build a profitable and lasting business and make a quantum leap toward financial freedom

You, if you�re already selling information and want to multiply your current income by at least ten times. (I guarantee that if you�re selling any kind of information now, we can show you how to at least double your income in 3 months or less)

You, if you truly believe you�re worthy of making a million dollars and have enough faith in yourself to do what it takes to make it happen. You�ll be coached by a faculty of millionaires in the same business they came to transfer to you.

You, if you know me and think I�m a neat guy and are willing to order anything I offer even if its only by audio CD, especially when it�s the only one on the planet of it�s kind.

Who Will Buy Them From You?
Who Will Profit From A Huge, Explosively Growing, Hungry Market?

The high profit products you�ll be offering appeal to a "super-heated market". For example, small business owners. There are over 10 million small business owners in America. And that�s growing daily. These business owners need and want the kind of products we have � "how to" information on advertising, marketing, and selling better. And "opportunity seekers". There are over 35 million people who have expressed a strong interest in starting businesses, getting involved in mail-order marketing, or making money from home. There�s a huge boom in home-based business start-ups. Our "baby boomer generation" is creating hundreds of thousands of early retirees eager for something interesting to do. There are millions of customers waiting for us!

Do You Need Previous Experience?

Absolutely not. I�ve structured this business assuming you have none and want to start from scratch. But I have built in so many state of the art, kick butt, new marketing techniques, even a veteran marketer would be foolish to miss it. You�ll not only get the 16 audio CD's of the three day event but you�ll also receive the exact same manual we used in class with the same page numbers we mentioned on the CD's for easy reference. 

...A very small price to pay for a future life changing event.
Great 3 days- Very informative- Ron covered all the bases. The supplemental information from the guest lecturers will be very instrumental on me getting my business started. The guest lectures were all "gurus" in their fields. A very small price to pay for a future life changing event. Great Boot Camp!!!!
John Ferguson
Louisville, KY

This manual is a step by step marketing machine containing ten years of my experience and a few million dollars worth of trial and error. Its worth more than you�re paying for the entire package and it�s laid out in laymen�s terms � anyone can follow.

I�m not only going to teach you about all the different ways you can create your own products, I�m actually going to�

�Give You Private Label Resell Rights To Six Already Made Highly Profitable, Hot Products�Complete With Professionally Written Sales Letters And Professionally Designed Customizable Graphics!�

That�s right! You are about to get your hands on six highly profitable, turn key online businesses that you can stick your name on and do anything you want to, just as if you had created these product yourself!

Once you get your hands on these HOT and highly profitable products, you will be able to�

Sell these amazing products almost instantly on their own mini sites. Each product comes with its own professionally written sales letter, graphics, complete sales pages and download pages. All you have to do is upload these instant online businesses to your web server and you�re ready to go!  

Change the products in any way you like! Each product comes in both PDF and MS word format. So you can start selling these products as is, or you can change them in any way you like (Change the title, ad text to it, take away from it etc.) before you start selling. 

Put your name on the products as if you were the author.  Finally, you can have your very own products with your name on them instead of someone else's.

Change the sales letters and graphics in any way you want. If you want to ad your own touch to the sales letters and even the graphics these products come with�you can!

Package these products in any way you like. You can sell these products on their own, or bundle them up in any way you please�it�s all up to you!

Combine them together to create larger more expensive products. You are free to do almost anything you like with the content in these great products. You can create bigger products, smaller more targeted products, free courses or anything else you can come up with.

Start your own affiliate programs and do Joint Ventures with other internet marketers. Doing JVs and having affiliates promote your products is how the biggest names in internet marketing make most of their money.

Print out any of the products you like and sell them as actual books and guides that need to be shipped to your customers.

And do pretty much anything else you could do if you had created these products yourself!

Here Is Exactly What You�ll Get:

 Instant Online Business #1

�Party Travel� 

A No BS, straight to the point guide on fun and affordable singles travel for young people between the ages of 18 and 35.  The �Party Travel� eBook includes everything one would need to have the time of their life, have fun, party with young sexy single and see the world starting at Under $300!

This guide is targeted at a huge market of young travelers that simply want to have fun and see the world without having to spend a lifetime saving a fortune just to experience a good time�you will have NO trouble finding young people from all over the world, eager to see the world that want to buy this eBook.


Instant Online Business #2

�Article Cash�

An easy guide to making money by creating as much high quality, in demand, content full articles as one would want ASAP.  The �Article Cash� eBook teaches it�s readers how to easily generate dozens of high quality, content full articles a day and the easiest and most profitable ways to make money with those articles (promoting affiliate products, generating traffic, selling the articles etc.)

Content is king! And content full articles are outrageously popular right now�simply because there is no shortage of ways to make big money online when you have high quality content at your disposal. And because of the huge popularity and usefulness of content full articles, nearly everyone in internet marketing is eager to find out exactly how they can generate their own high quality content and put it to good use�that�s where this guide comes in!


 Instant Online Business #3

�Affiliate Success Road Map"

A simple, No BS straight to the point guide (or �road map�) to becoming a successful affiliate for the long run. The �Affiliate Success Road Map� teaches it�s readers how to achieve long term affiliate success, by planning from the start and designing an affiliate system that brings in long term affiliate profits month after month.

Becoming an affiliate is one of, if not the easiest ways to start making money online�one can literally be up and running in under an hour.  That simple and extremely appealing benefit makes affiliate success information HOT and easily sellable�especially when that information is all about long term affiliate success!


Instant Online Business #4

�PPC Profits�

A simple, straight to the point beginners guide to making money on the internet with your very own Pay Per Click search engine. The �PPC Profits� guide teaches its readers exactly how they can make money with their very own PPC search engine, how to create it, promote it and even sell it for a fortune once the PPC search engine is completed.

There is an extremely targeted, and profitable market consisting of people that want to make money online but don�t want to do it by any conventional methods (such as creating their own eBook, becoming an affiliate or buying resell rights to someone else�s products).  The �PPC Profits� eBook is targeted at these eager to buy, info hungry future customers!


Instant Online Business #5

�Newbie�s Guide To Online Fortunes�

An easy to follow, simple step-by-step guide to starting your very own online business and actually making money with it.  The �Newbie�s Guide To Online Fortunes� is exactly what people interested in starting their own online business need. This guide teaches its readers the fundamentals and simple ways to start their very own online business.

Like I said before, the �Internet Marketing� market is extremely HOT, huge and most importantly: insanely profitable. And tens of thousands of people are eager to know exactly how they too can start making money online�the �Newbie�s Guide To Online Fortunes� is exactly what they need.


Instant Online Business #6

�Resell Rights Profits�

A complete guide to making money with one of the hottest products currently on the market: Resell Rights! The �Resell Rights Profits� guide teaches it�s readers to make money by both buying Resell Rights and becoming a �Reseller� and how to make a ton of cash by selling resell rights to the tens of thousands of people looking to start their very own online business ASAP!

The guide is targeted at the �Internet Marketing� market which is one of the hottest and most profitable markets around. And one of, if not the hottest products in the internet marketing market is Resell Rights! 


As you can see, the above products are all targeted at HOT and extremely profitable markets. These are NOT some crappy eBooks about "grooming your pet zebra�s tail" or some other unpopular and almost not existent niche. 

All six of the products above are targeted at extremely HOT, popular and profitable niches. So you will have NO trouble finding eager to buy customers for any one of the six products above!

And the best part is�

You Get Private Label Resell Rights To These Six Amazing Products!

So YOU CAN sign your name as the author, edit the products in any way you like, sell resell rights, create bigger more expensive products and pretty much anything else you want to do with these products!

But you get A LOT more than just Private Label Resell Rights. That�s why I keep referring to these products as complete, ready to go businesses you can stick your name on�

Here Is Exactly What Each Of The Six Instant Online Businesses Comes With:

Every single eBook and bonus comes in both PDF and MS Word format. So you can either 1) start selling these great info products as soon as you get your hands on them, or 2) modify these products in any way you like (change the title, ad text, remove text, put your own affiliate links in it, put your name in it, etc.), and then sell them.

Professionally written sales letter that lists all of the benefits and reasons to buy these great products (You can change these sales letters just as easy as you can the products them selves and in any way you like)

Professionally designed graphics (eCovers for the main products and bonuses, plus headers, order buttons and complete mini site designs)  

Layered Photoshop source files for all the graphics so you can customize the graphics in any way you like.  That�s right, not only do each one of the six instant online businesses come with top notch, polished professional graphics�these graphics are also customizable!  (This means you can stick your name on them and change them in any way you like)

Fully put-together and complete sales page so you don�t have to do anything except upload these sales pages to your server, stick your name on the products and start making money�It can�t get any easier than that!

Hands free automatic Thank You / Download page that your customers can simply be forwarded to right after they make their payments so you don�t have to constantly send download info to your customers.

Because every single product comes in both PDF and MS word documents there is really no limit to the different ways you can make money with the six businesses included in this amazing package!  (You can cut them up, repackage them, sell them with resale rights, etc.)

And because every one of the six businesses comes with sales letters and graphics that you can easily change, you can either start selling these products as is and be up and running by tonight�

Or you can make each one of these businesses truly your own by signing your name as the author, changing the sales letters, the products themselves and even the customizable graphics

Wait A Minute! How Can Professional Graphics Possibly Be Customizable, And How Could I Possibly Change Them!?

Just like the products themselves that come in both PDF files that can be sold as is, and raw MS word files that can be changed in any way you like�

The graphics come in two different versions as well! They come in the �optimized for web� 100% ready to go version that you can use right away, plus you also get the layered Photoshop source files (worth $197 each) for all the graphics in this package.

These source files are basically the Raw files of every single eCover, header, order button, etc., included in this package. And they will give you the ability to change the graphics in any way you like! You can simply ad your name to the graphics, change the title of the products or even change the graphics completely�it�s all up to you!

All you will have to do in order to change the graphics for any one of the products in this package is open up the source files and change what ever you want! It is incredibly easy, and since you wont have to design any graphics from scratch (just change a few things) you will NEVER have to hire an expensive graphic designer.

Thanks to everything included with the six products in this incredible package�

You Not Only Have The Right To Change Anything You Like�You Also Have The Ability To Actually Change It!

You can change the products in any way you like. All you have to do is open up the MS Word files these products come in and add, take away or change any part of the products you want.

You can change the sales letter in any way you like. Its just as simple as changing the products themselves!

You can change the graphics in any way you like. Not only do you have the �right� to change the graphics, but since the graphics come in the Photoshop source files you have the ability to change the graphics without hiring a graphic designer or designing the graphics yourself.

Can you imagine if you were simply �allowed� to change the graphics? What would happen if you wanted to change the title of the products? You would have to change the graphics as well.  And that would mean hiring a graphic designer and paying him thousands of dollars to change every single set of graphics included in this package (expensive!)  But now you can easily do it yourself.

...this Boot Camp is worth its weight in gold
Ron, this Boot Camp is worth its weight in gold. If parents would just send their children and young adults to a boot camp like this instead of college, they would learn more about money and how to really make it, than they will learn in all their years of schooling. It has been worth many times what we paid for it.

Thank You, I can only say thank God I didn't miss it. Your speakers were great, the information excellent. My head is twirling with ideas and the bonuses, WOW!, plus all the contacts I've made while here have been incredible.

Dee Robinson
Cincinnati, Ohio


Order NOW and You'll Also Get An Incredible War-Chest of Profit  Boosting Tools and Resources Worth $2227...Absolutely FREE!

But that ain�t all. Just to make sure you have no hesitation whatsoever if you order immediately, I�m throwing in a truckload of...

23 Amazing Bonuses that Can Build Your Business, Free Up Your Time and Put More Money in Your Pocket...NOW!

Super Bonus #1: Access To The Famous Internet Marketing Warriors Site

Some examples of the books inside the Warrior site that you can download immediately are....

Classified Magic...82 Pages, E-Book Secrets...468 Pages, Maximum Profits In Minimum Time...104 Pages, The Master Key System...98 Pages, Electronic Publishing 2001...213 Pages, Magnetic Sales Letters...281 Pages, eBay Secrets...154 Pages, Digital Selling Power...203 Pages, 63 Killer Marketing Strategies...117 Pages...Methods of Marketing Masters Seminar Transcripts... Over 600 Pages, The ePublishers Resource Book...283 Pages, The Magic Story...Two parts, Seven Steps To Freedom...172 Pages, Magic Floppy...23 Pages...and thousands more books, articles and reports.

Super Bonus #2: Access To The Warrior Forum

One Of The First Secrets To Making Money Online Is Making The Right Contacts... 

The Warrior Forum will allow you to... Make Partnerships... Discover New, Incredible Ideas... Get Help On ANY Subject... Ask For Site Reviews... Do Joint Ventures... Get New Resources In Minutes... Make Special Offers To Members Only... Get Immediate Solutions To Problems... And much much more...The Warrior Forum has been the secret weapon of many of the "gurus" you read about today .In all seriousness I should be selling access to the Warrior Forum alone for over $200 a year. It would be worth every single dime of it, as thousands of members have already testified to.

Super Bonus #3: 'Internet Marketing Video Training Vault'

Get instant access to more than one hundred snd fifty, top quality training videos totalling an amazing 22 Hours+ Of Solid Information...Whatever you need to do, from setting up your ClickBank payment links, optimizing your site for search engine positioning through to building up your subscriber lists with unblockable pop ups even hiding your affiliate links with redirects and frames - it's all here.

Whenever you want to watch a specific video or series of videos just open the file - select the one you want to watch and hit play.  No big downloads, no hanging around before you get started.  Video on demand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - whenever you want to watch you can. FULL MASTER REPRINT RIGHTS INCLUDED! Valued at $297.00

Super Bonus #4:"78 FREE And Low Cost Ways To Add At Least 27% To Your Small Business Profits In The Next 90 Days or LESS!... Guaranteed!"

Special Report by Direct Marketing Expert Peter Sun. These are the very same strategies that Peter Sun an ex-muffin baker used to take him from being broke and desperate to making $272,012.00 a year working from home with NO staff or overhead 

 Super Bonus #5: My Million Dollar Rolodex is filled with every contact you�ll ever need in the information marketing business and what they do. This thing took ten years to compile. $99


Super Bonus #6: How To Become A Global Internet Tycoon 

by Allen Says Personal wealth building only - No Rights! value $27.77 

The value of this amazing ebook is PRICELESS! Many top online marketers credit much of their success to "How To Become A Global Internet Tycoon" Required information if you are serious about making money online.


Super Bonus#7:You Can Make Your Living Online 7 Week Internet How To Course" Version 1

MASTER RIGHTS INCLUDED!! Valued at $797.00


This means you can sell the RIGHTS to this course to others for $297 or more!

You can compile this version into a home study course and sell it for even more money on CD�s if you want to OR sell it online the choice is yours.


Super Bonus#8: 10 Killer Public Domain "How To" Reports"




10 POWER-PACKED Public Domain Reports! Use the information or sell these reports for $39.95 or more keeping 100% of the money. Discover how to re-package and re-publish public domain information for BIG profits! Start your information business with low risk and huge profits. Forget paying writers, royalties and copyright fees.


Super Bonus #9: How I Started My Own Home Based Business 



The free grant money guy and NY Time's BestSelling author Mathew Lesko reveals his step by step simple-to-follow blueprints that you can use today to start or expand your own home based info empire. This ebook itself is worth more than ten times the cost of the entire package.

Even More Bonuses...


Super Bonus #10: Instant Access To the  InfoProductLab




This Private Resource gives you all the marketing shortcuts, tricks and tips that are used by the largest Internet marketer's online but will never tell you about (including all of Dave's never before revealed methods!). You get UNLIMITED Editorial Rights to change the content anyway YOU want!

You can add your own affiliate links, re-brand the PC-Video's, add any information you like or remove what you want to. You must keep the existing copyright intact other wise, you have full,
UNLIMITED EDITORIAL RIGHTS to the content! You also get complete and ready to sell ebooks and pc-videos!! Package Information 


Here's just a fraction of what you'll get instant access to

Underground Traffic (A Marketing Cheat)
"Cheats" in online lingo are secrets, undocumented tips and strategies for winning video and PC games. "Marketing cheats" are like that too- undocumented tips and strategies that are used by successful Internet marketers. "Underground traffic" is a new strategy being employed by top Internet marketers to grow their businesses. The good news is, you're going to learn exactly what it is and how to do it yourself. When you're done you'll learn how to generate 1,000's of real live visitors to your site every day for years to come for just pennies. The bad news is the opportunity to exploit this strategy will not be available for very long (maybe the next 11 months at the most) so you need to jump on this right now... (BTW -"Cheats" in online lingo are secrets, undocumented tips and strategies for winning video and PC games. "Marketing cheats" are like that too- undocumented tips and strategies that are used by successful Internet marketers)...

Online Digital Publishing Business Nets $90,000 to $150,000 Per Month And Delivers The 'Product' By Email?
Here's a business that ONLY exists on the Internet, sells a 100% 'digital' information product which is delivered via email -at no cost- and is netting a sweet $90,000 - $150,000 a month in profits. This is the most incredibly profitable, all 'digital' publishing business I have ever seen on the Internet. Who, how and why this model works...

Get Higher Rankings, A Huge Boost In Traffic and Make More Sales On Your Site With One Simple Perl Script!
This simple way to boost your ranking at Google and other major search engines and generate a ton of new sales on your web site! It's so easy it'll make your head spin! FULL INSTRUCTIONS on how to use it!

Screen Capture Videos Are Near Perfect Instant Info-Products, But...
I love to produce screen capture videos on my PC because in just under 5 minutes I can have an info-product. Pc-videos sell easily so they're solid profit producers, but the leading software in this field costs $349. I just found an FREE screen recording program that also allows you to output your screen capture movie to Flash(TM)! It also gives you the ability to take any AVI movie and convert it to Flash...

How To Get Consistently Good Marketing Results
This is intended to be a broad overview of the kind of marketing that gets good results. We will discuss very specific ways to implement the plan. Now, I am not talking about the kind of plan that you might have learned in Marketing 101. Not at all...

How To Be An Information Millionaire Starting Today (Techniques From A Master)
"Welcome to the business of selling information. I call it info-preneuring. (An info-preneur is an entrepreneur who sells information.) It is the most exciting business in the world. If you do this business right, within a few months, total strangers will be sending you money for your ideas.... even if you think your ideas are worthless!"

My Rolodex: Essential Information Product Developer List of Free Tools
Some people call a list like this their "Million Dollar Rolodex", etc. I couldn't really understand why they placed such a high value on a simple 'list' of tools and resources until I thought about it for a while: It's taken me 6 years to put this list together and it has both saved me and made me thousands of dollars. It's also saved me an incredible amount of time just having these at my fingertips. So, in that sense I would say it's a very valuable list. These are the Best-of-the-Best infoproduct production, market research and Internet time saving tools I have ever found. Most, if not all of these gems are 100% ad-free and spyware-free too...

How A Stupid Mistake Made Me $784 In 3 Days
Mistakes usually cost me money, but this one made me money... $784 to be exact. Here's what happened, how it ended up working in my favor and how you can duplicate it on your web site...

How To Generate A Constant Flow Of Traffic and Sales With Almost ZERO Marketing and Advertising Costs
The problem for most small businesses is not finding a product or service to sell, or customer service or how to count the money you make�it's: "How do you find hungry markets for your products or services and generate leads and sales every day to make a living?" LARGE SPECIAL REPORT.

Tele Seminars Are VERY HOT... Here's How To Create Them FREE
With this free resource you can schedule telephone conference calls with up to 32 participants, send email invitations and manage conferences from any Web browser...

Create An Ebook In Hours Instead Of Days or Weeks Without Typing
There are certain tools that info-product developers use that are far easier than those used by the majority. How do big name product developer's create a new information product each week? What's their secret? Here's one...

How Pursuing Your Passion Can Lead To Unlimited Information Product Ideas
Pursuing your passions is not just a way to self-fulfillment, it's also a way to profits in business...allow me to share with you how I create my own information products (a 'behind the scenes' look at my personal creative methods)...

How To Make Sure Your Subscribers Are Really Reading Your Newsletter
How often do you send out a newsletter to your opt-in subscribers? Once a day, once a week? How do you know how often you should send a newsletter? What essential elements are necessary for it to be opened and read by your subscribers? We dig a little into what makes a newsletter important enough to be 'read' and include a small 'scriptlet' of code to track when, and if, your email newsletter is opened...

A Sneaky Way To Make Money On Am*azon AND Get FREE Leads - Much, MUCH Better Than Their Affiliate Program!
I've been making about $80-$150 a week for 1 hour worth of work. If you put more into it you could probably do better ($500 a week for 5-10 hours is realistic), but I'm involved in other things- so I do this just for extra money...

Why People Buy Information Products - A SPECIAL REPORT
Creating killer information products requires three things: 1) Marketability; 2) Focus; and 3) Benefit. Learn how each of these factors contribute to create the perfect information product that will make you money, year after year, guaranteed...

Re-Using Public Domain Information and Creating Titles That Sell Books
How to re-use public domain info and how to create titles that will sell books...

My Personal BIG Money Making Secrets
Want To Make BIG Money In Your Own Information Publishing Business?... then you need a plan. Here's the one I've used for the last 3 years since I quit my executive job and started making my living as an entrepreneur. This is the FIRST time I have ever revealed my 'true secrets'... I hope you learn something useful and profit from them...

What's Your Back-Up Plan For Your Web Site? If This Doesn't Scare You Into Making One, Nothing Will...
What do you do when you've worked hard to put up a great website, create tons of content and begin a marketing strategy that finally starts to pay off... but your web host shuts you down, without notice, without warning? What would you do? It happened to InfoProductLab not too long ago and here are a few things I learned during the crisis...

Need An Simple and Easy Digital Product To Market and Sell? Here's How With No Investment...
As we all know, your largest profits will come from your own product. If you don't want to (or can't) make the heavy investment in a CD or DVD burner, or don't want (or have time) to write an ebook and you don't even want to handle shipping or fulfillment read this report how a new system lets you create your own audio CD's online by uploading MP3's and have the CD's sent for you automatically to your buyers without lifting a finger...

Using JavaScripts To Boost eBook Sales And Prevent Commission Theft
Affiliate links are long and unattractive. Worse, they can be manipulated to steal your commission. Even with the changes ClickBank has made recently, stealing your affiliate commissions is waaaay too easy. I'll show you how it's done then show you how to stop most forms of commission theft using a free script and a commercial script...

One of the Most Credible (and Reliable!) Marketing Methods On The Net
How many emails do you receive and respond to each day? Email is a wonderful form of communication but it also is a wonderful marketing tool if used correctly. One method of marketing is through "sig" files, but if you have more than 2 or 3 programs or ebooks you're promoting it's difficult to get them promoted with only a single sig file. Here's a solution to changing your sig file whenever you want... or let it run on auto-pilot so you can rotate them and promote as many programs as you want...

Little Idea Makes Pretty Big Profits...
I began to think of all the ways I've made money online and went back through my monthly statistics to determine which online marketing project netted the largest amount of CASH vs effort expended. I want to share with Members the ONE that generated the MOST CASH, with the LEAST EFFORT. This one "little" idea has made me some pretty BIG profits over the last couple of years. I hope it helps you too...

New FREE Email Tools Make Your Internet Business Easier
Email is essential to doing business on the Internet. Whether it's mailing to one customer or 2000 you need are some hassle free tools that will get the job done. It's even better when they're free. Here's a list (and downloads) of some email tools I use that allow you to do some really amazing things. No techy stuff, just plain easy to use tools that are 100% free, no banners, pop-ups- or spyware...

Is Your Site Profitable? If Not, This Might Be The Reason...
There are potentially many things you can do with a website to generate a profit... direct sales, create a portal, create a community, collect leads, educate, sell advertising, etc... the problem is most sites try to focus on more than one goal and end up doing poorly because of it. Here's how you can fix that immediately and get your site back on track to higher profitability instantly...

A Simple (and free) Incentive To Get Subscribers To Your Ezine Or Mailing List
Almost everyone uses incentives to get people to sign-up for their ezine or mailing list. If you really want to super-charge your sign-ups and pull far ahead of the pack, pay close attention to this idea I got in the middle of the night and add it to your arsenal. The idea was so powerful it literally made me sit up in bed and pay attention!...

Private Labeling On The Web: A Growing Business Opportunity
Opportunities for private labeling on the web are available, but hard to find. They are a growth opportunity for those who can find them. Here are a few of the BEST private label programs on the web and they're all in very HOT markets...

The ULTIMATE Information Product?
The ULTIMATE Information Product??? Or... How To Make $4,995 In 2 Hours!...(Incredible!)...

NEW!! "Hot Items Folder" Tells You What's Selling on ebaY
Many years ago (1997) when I first noticed ebaY they had a very useful feature call "Hot Items". Hot items were any listing with more than 10 bids on it... and was an indicator of demand. Now ebaY has started a new feature (Feb 13, 2003) that very few know about that is even more useful to determine market demand...if you're wondering what the 'hot items' on ebaY are now keep reading...

These are tips, secrets and methods that real Internet marketers are using but never talk about! There are hundreds of tips, tricks and secrets in Dave's Private Member Area and more are added each week. The important point about this is simply this: Those who are succeeding online do so because they use the right tools and, in most cases, don't pay a cent for them! After all, the less money you spend, the more you get to keep!

Once you understand that there is a huge difference between what someone tells you to do and what they really do to succeed you'll understand, finally, what it really takes to start succeeding online.

You also finally understand why you can follow all the advice that every guru in every ebook has ever written and still not succeed the way you thought you should have. Yes, they tell you a lot, but they don't tell you everything. Dave's job is to tell you the stuff they don't write about in their ebooks and courses- the stuff that they really use to help them succeed.

All the reports in the Private Area of this site and these ebooks (including all source files!) are also included!

ebaY Secrets. (147 pp) This ebook is one of the best selling ebooks on the Internet and still THE best book on ebaY ever published.

Electronic Publishing Online.(155 pp) Dave's popular and detailed manual on creating an empire in your own information publishing business. Recently updated, this book has been a best-selling classic online a favorite Warrior download.

How To Perform Certified Copyright Searches. (21 PP) This report show you how you can legally publish an unlimited amount of content using works that have recently been transferred to the public domain. There are literally thousands of excellent books that are available for re-publishing. When you hear that you can make a fortune publishing 'public domain' information this is what they are talking about!

Mind Reading For Fun and Profit! (60 PP) A complete course for beginners! (Source file: *.DOC.)

How To Investigate Any Business Opportunity (154 PP)

Out-Of-Print Booksellers Manual (173 PP) How To Make $50,000 Or More A Year Selling Used and Rare Books on the Internet!

Kick-Butt Marketing Archives (82 PP) This was a daily email course by paid subscription I started and it includes all the issues written while it was published. Great stuff... can't remember why I stop publishing it, but the material is first rate!

Digital Selling Power! (65 PP) A special report I created that is still valid. Much of the material is taken from Electronic Publishing (above).

In addition to written reports you'll also receive the latest online training via pc-videos! Here are some of our PC-Videos currently included:

How To Setup Your Own Email/Host Server At Home / Part 1-Hosting - Sell separately or together- includes sales copy!!

How To Setup Your Own Email/Host Server At Home / Part 2- Email Server - Sell separately or together- includes sales copy!!

How To Start A Traffic Avalanche With Dynamo - includes sales copy!!

How To Find Marketable Subjects For Your Ebook and Other Information Products - includes sales copy!!

How To Make 'Box Shots' for Your Ebooks Fast and Easy and Free! - includes sales copy!!

Super Bonus #11: 35 Internet Marketing How To Articles  



Become An Instant Author! � Use for yourself OR�use in your own marketing related newsletters, membership sites, Adsense sites, compile ebooks, use to build your list, offer as bonuses or free reports. Why write or hire a ghostwriter when you don�t have to? 


Super Bonus #12: *Eleven* - Niche Product Power Packs



Sell the complete package, use as bonuses, keep 100% profit on your own niche books using mini sites, instant content for adsense sites, use as bonuses or list building for your niche markets. The possibilities of making money are endless once you have FULL RIGHTS to these niche products.


Super Bonus #13: Web Audio Pro 



Quickly and Easily add audio to your website in 7 minutes or less! Increase your conversions and profits using audio on your website. 

Finally a simple to use software system that anyone can use to put voice or audio on any website or online auctions. Easy to follow step by step instructional flash videos included!


Super Bonus 14: A to Z About RSS 



Let The Power Of RSS Place Your Content All Over The World Wide Web, Driving You An Endless Supply Of Traffic And Dollars Starting Today. RSS can improve the number of visitors to your site drastically, which will create the end result of more sales which equals more dollars in the bank for YOU.

Super Bonus #15: Podcasting For Fun & Profit



Become an instant Podcast expert - Just add your name as author!. You can sell the rights to others or sell the podcast course and keep all the profits! Use as a freebie to build your very own marketing list or use as a bonus with other offers! The possibilities are endless.

Super Bonus #16: 50 Hard Core Internet Marketing Articles



37,110 words - 50 Brand Smacking NEW Internet Marketing Articles in 5 different marketing categories. 1. Articles on Google Adsense  2. Articles on Website Traffic  3. Articles on An Opt In List  4. Articles on Affiliate  Marketing  5. Articles on Article Marketing


Imagine what you can do with these articles to build wealth starting today: Display YOUR name as author of each article, submit them to article directories and get ready for thousands of backlinks to your website(s)


You could easily compile these articles into an "A-Z Internet Marketing 101" ebook to sell  or give away freely making it a viral product. You can use them for Google Adsense type websites making you money on autopilot.


Super Bonus #17: Building Your Own Adsense Empire!

Private Label Resale Rights INCLUDED! $197 Value


Who Else Would Like A $4000.00 Check From Google In Their Mail Box Every Single Month? Create A Massive Auto-Pilot Income With The Google Adsense Program Starting Now!


Many website owners have built a fortune at breakneck speed using this plan, and now we�re going to show YOU exactly how you can do it, too --even if you have NO EXPERIENCE with e-commerce or online advertising!

Super Bonus #18: Instant Video Suite - NEW RELEASE!

Full MASTER Resale & Rebranding Rights $197 Value


Video demos are one of the hottest new trends in 2006 for marketing online. Instructional videos, demos, marketing messages can all greatly boost your sales to the roof and reduce refunds and support issues. Imagine what this will mean for your business (and your customers!)

Super Bonus #19: Fly-In Ads Creator

Full MASTER Resale & Rebranding Rights!  $179 value


Creates "pop-ups" that are un blockable by any pop-up blockers, which is the reason why this software is a very hot commodity on the market. This software alone can make you a ton of cash. The software creator sells a yearly membership with access to this software for $89.50 a year! 


Super Bonus #20: Spinning Popup Generator!



Spinning Popup Generator allows you to quickly and easily create amazing and spectacular Spinning Popups to add to your site. 

Anyone can use this. Simply make a few selections, click a button to have the code instantly and automatically generated for you, then follow the simple Code Installation Instructions to copy and paste the code on your web page. It's that simple!

Super Bonus #21: Speak The Geek

Do you know how many gurus there are online that  can't even put a simple page together like this one? I know several of them who don't know the difference between FTP or  STP motor oil!  


OUTSOURCING is the secret when you are short on time or short of know how BUT... you can get screwed if your not careful. Discover the secrets of effective outsourcing WITHOUT being a techno geek. This guide is for you. Package Information


How's that for an irresistible offer! All together that's $1,647 in valuable business tools, plus $618 in bonuses for a total of $2,265 in total value...All for $397.

But, it gets even better than that.  If you are one of the first 25 people to order the 'Information Millionaires Bootcamp 16 CD home study course, not only do you get all of the bonuses you just read about, but you also get....

Super Bonus #22:Mini-Encyclopedia of Low-Cost, High-Profit Internet Business Models:

Discover Multiple low-cost, high-profit internet businesses as set up and marketed by TOP internet entrepreneurs from around the world and how you can set up your very own low-cost, high-profit Internet Business with this Mini-Encyclopedia by next week - even if you've never set one up before, and you have absolutely no web designing or programming skills.

 Here's Just A Fraction Of What You
Will Discover In The Mini-Encyclopedia:

You get some jaw-dropping, eye-popping and heart-stopping insights into the world of E-Commerce as practised by TOP Internet Entrepreneurs from around the world.

  • Discover not 1 or 2 but NINETEEN (19) Different, Killer Internet Business Models that you can study and emulate - saving you time, money and effort by eliminating guesswork entirely.

    Watch how some of the TOP Internet Entrepreneurs in the world make their money on the Internet using 19 different methods, ALL of which you can copy for your own.

    There isn't any other resource like it on the face of the planet.

    If you've bought other Internet Business and Internet Marketing courses before, you MUST check out the Mini-Encyclopedia. I'll show you some gems NOBODY else knows about.

  • How you can AUTOMATE your Internet Business 100% - selling products you don't have to stock or deliver.
    How to set up your Internet Business so that you can earn money in your sleep. Just wake up the next morning and watch your e-mail inbox filled with orders. There are many advantages with this Model, and some of the TOP Internet Entrepreneurs in the World are using it to make thousands of dollars every month for themselves.

  • How to choose from over 6 different Credit Card Processors
    The ability to accept credit card payments on your web site in REAL TIME is crucial to your Internet Business. Discover the BEST Credit Card Payment Processors for your Internet Business that you can set up within minutes, all without having to pay a monthly maintenance fee, or be subjected to credit checks. I will also show you the most appropriate Credit Card Payment Processors you can use for your particular Internet Business Model as not every Processor offers the same features and benefits.


  • How you can start accepting credit card payments from your customers with one particular Internet Business Model - WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY for setting up or maintaining a credit card merchant account.
    This is NOT the Associate Program model. Those customers are really YOUR own, and you OWN your store, which is also GIVEN to you FREE. You also can name your store whatever you want.


  • How you can have 100,000 or more potential customers for your products - OVERNIGHT - without paying a single cent upfront.
    This is one of the most powerful secrets you can have - and it's FREE for you to execute within a few minutes. INSTANTLY get customers you have never seen or heard from before.


  • How to create an Internet Business consisting of just LINKS to other web sites - and make money in the process.
    Not much for you to write here. Your content is mainly links. If you're short of words, this may well be the one for you.


  • How to make money by selling different combinations of the LETTERS OF THE ALPHABET using your web site, over and over again.
    Different combinations for different customers. Your software will automatically generate those combinations for them. Sell as many of them as you can from your web site.


  • How to make your web site visitors willingly market your web site for you for free - without having to pay them a single cent AT ANY TIME.
    No, this is not the Affiliate Program technique. They'll do it even if you don't ask them, provided you set it up right. When the traffic starts coming in from their efforts, you make your money.


  • How to use your Passion to fuel you to create a web site that will be the talking point for your target market, and make lots of money in the process, even if you have nothing to sell.
    Your target market will come back to it again and again. When they do, you make your money.


  • How to sell a unique product with a one-page web site that answers the FOUR DIFFERENT QUESTIONS your Prospects will always have in their minds.
    It's no good to answer 1, 2 or even 3 adequately. All 4 must be answered, or there will be no sale. Discover what those 4 questions are. If you sell a unique product, this is one of the best ways to do it.


  • How to create your web site to set you up as an Expert in your field in your Prospects' minds, to sell lots of your own products or services.
    You may be an expert in what you do, but do your Prospects know that? Here's how to do it naturally and have them think of you all the time every time they have a need for your type of services.


  • How you can ride on other people's time and effort in making money for themselves to create even more time and money for yourself.
    If there's one commodity you have in limited supply, it's time. Use the Internet and the efforts of others to create extra time for you. Use this extra time to make even more money for yourself.


  • How you can make your one-time sale of your product generate MORE one-time sales at the back
    How to create a particular type of product which willl automatically sell your Customers other products without any additional work on your part after you've done it one time.


  • How you can make your one-time sale of your product turn into RECURRING sales with a few special techniques
    Recurring sales will bring you income month after month. Turn your one-time sale into a repeating one without doing more than just selling that one product that you've created.


  • How you can make your WEB SITE automatically perform some service you normally provide physically, and multiply your efforts a thousand times without any corresponding increase in costs.
    If you're selling a certain type of service, your web site can be programmed to perform those services for you. Since everything is web based, there's no additional cost for you apart from hosting and of course, your credit card merchant account. Discover what sort of services can be done this way.


  • How to send out e-mail to your subscribers with their permission for FREE - and make lots of money with it.
    One Savvy Internet Entrepreneur discovered method this by mistake. Discover certain FREE content that you can get for your e-mails without having to credit anybody for them (this is legally done).


  • How to get your subscribers to willingly PAY for the e-mails you send them.
    E-mail costs you almost nothing to send to your subscribers. Here's how to get them to pay you for doing this. What type of content can you send out - and where can you get them for free legally?


  • How to make money by buying and selling Domain Names.
    One thing you should never do is to register new Domain names from scratch and then try to sell them. Discover why this is the case. Discover also the things to look out for to unearth very valuable names, and how to have at least 1 VERY INTERESTED party at all times who will beg you to take his money for it. In some cases, he will HUNT you down to do this within days of your acquisition!


  • How you can make money using the Internet - WITHOUT SELLING any product.
    Who says you must have a product first before you can start making money on the Internet? No product means no need to acquire or maintain a credit card merchant account, thus saving you lots of money.


  • How you can make money using the Internet - without HAVING TO PAY a Web Designer or Programmer to create a web site for you.
    Yes, you can EASILY create your own Web Site without any Programming Knowledge. I will point you to some great places you can go to that provide you with a Point-and-Click Web Site Builder that you can use to create your own good-looking Web Site in 2 hours or less - and save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in Web Designing and Web Site Creation fees.


  • How you can make money using the Internet - WITHOUT ANY WEB SITE at all.
    Who says you must have a Web Site before you can start making money on the Internet? I'll show you the Internet Business Models that do not require you to have a Web Site to make money - which means that you save time - if you're thinking of creating a Web Site yourself - and money - if you're thinking of getting a Web Designer create a Web Site for you.


  • A TOP web site where your target market go to BY THE TRUCKLOADS to search FOR YOUR Product.
    Want lots of free traffic to look at what you have to sell? This top web site gives them to you for free. Get listed here for a ridiculously low fee (listing is just about guaranteed for most types of products), and focus on your product and description. (In case you're wondering - no, it's not a Search Engine like Google or Yahoo, or Traffic Exchanges or Specialized Directories of any form.)


  • How you can easily MULTIPLY YOUR INTERNET PROFITS - without spending more or exerting a lot more effort in the process.

    I had no visitors to my web site selling this manual when I completed it, and yet I sold 10 copies of it as soon as I released it on a very small scale many years ago - making a total of $670 in sales on my very first day. When you go from zero to a few hundred in the space of a day, this is quite an achievement considering I wasn't doing it on a big scale. Let me show you how you can do the same for your own product - ANY PRODUCT.

    Not only that - let me show you how one very clever Internet Entrepreneur who makes over $200,000 a year doing nothing but sending out jokes via e-mail actually DOUBLED his profits by just THINKING a bit more without having to increase his efforts significantly at the same time.

  • How you can start your Internet Business - with a ZERO SET UP budget.
    Yes, this is really true. Not a single cent to pay to set up your Internet Business, if you follow this Internet Business Model.

  • If you're a Consultant (tax consultant, lawyer, financial planner, etc):
    Discover how to get MORE work at HIGHER fees from now on by doing a little extra work - one time. Some savvy Consultants get this concept, but the majority are not getting it.

    Discover also how you can easily CLONE yourself so that you can reach out to MORE people WITHOUT more effort and earn MORE money in the process. Easily put yourself in the minds of more prospects without having to do extra work.

    Discover what Domain Name to register for your Internet Business that CANNOT BE FORGOTTEN by your Prospects or Customers. This is so easy, but not being used often enough for some reason. An $8.00 a year Domain Name is also one of your biggest assets - but you must choose the right one for yourself.

    Discover how to use one of the best off-line methods of marketing your services that ENHANCES your on-line marketing methods 10-fold - while creating for you yet ANOTHER source of income. I absolutely love this method and am using it to devastating effect.


  • If you provide a physical service to your Customers to make a living (car mechanic, chiropractor, dog-trainer, etc):
    Discover how to provide your type of services to people from all over the world - without having to be there in person - and multiply your earnings manyfold. Your visitors WILL get their services after having been to your web site - but you can be sleeping while the service is being delivered. This is one of the TOP sources of income you can create for yourself, which can TOTALLY eliminate the physical work that you do.


  • How to give FREE and DETAILED, STEP-BY-STEP instructions to your Prospects with the sole intention of giving them the ability to handle their problem themselves - and make LOTS of money in the process, even if you've held NOTHING back.
    This is a jaw-dropping concept that very few are even aware of. The MORE you give away with an open heart, the MORE you will earn as a result. This is one of the craziest paradoxes you can find anywhere.


  • How to make lots of money just by CHATTING with others with the same interest as you do.
    That's it - just talk, and make friends. And money. (The only requirement is that you conduct intelligent chats.)


  • How To Make Lots More Money - By Thanking Your Prospects Or Customers.
    This is a real gem, and another Internet Business Model in its own right. By simply thanking your Prospects Or Customers for doing something on your web site, you're opening up another form of income stream.


  • How to allow others to use your on-line software for FREE - and make LOTS of money in the process.
    This is another gem. You're combining some ingenious business principles with software architecture to make this work for you on auto-pilot.


My 1-Of-A-Kind Internet Business Boot Camp In Session


121 International Participants In My 1-Of-A-Kind Internet Business and Internet Marketing Boot Camp



(One Last, Unprecedented, Totally Irresistible And Unbelievably Generous Bribe)

Super Bonus #23:Access to my exclusive Info Marketing Secrets website

Order right now and you'll also  receive a 12 month FREE membership to the Info Marketing Secrets website. Every month you're guaranteed to receive at least one audio seminar/special report loaded with the latest information on what's working best to sell even more of your products and services both online and offline.  Here's just a fraction of what you'll get:

  • Audio seminars presenting the  latest ideas, strategies, and new techniques that master copywriters like Ted Nicholas, Bob Serling, Dan Kennedy, Carl Galletti and others use to boost profits...

  • Interviews with other successful marketers like Marlon Sanders, Declan Dunn, Jonathan Mizel, the  legendary Peter Sun and others ...
  • Case studies of marketing campaigns that have been hugely successful...
  • Answers to all your most crucial questions...

Here's just a fraction of the Fast Start audio training you will get instant access to (delivered to you online in mp3 format) :

Audio Training Bonus #1: How to Become An Information Marketing Millionaire is a CD of me,Ron Legrand interviewing TJ Rohleder  the marketing genius behind the wildly successful M.O.R.E. Inc. Starting with a few hundred dollars scrapped up by selling one of his carpet cleaning service vans, he and his wife, Eileen, built an empire that brought in over $10,000,000 in the first 4 years. He�s earned millions since then! See how he began in his home ten years ago and now he�s the largest direct mailer in his city. The course is packaged as a double audio set and retails for $47.00 but you get instant access to these profit-boosting ideas absolutely FREE!

Audio Training Bonus #2: How To Earn $10,000 a Week With Direct Mail Direct Marketing Expert Peter Sun reveals the very same strategies that he used to take him from being broke and desperate to making $272,012.00 a year working from home with NO staff or overhead Peter's parting words were, "If you have a goal to be a success, what I have done is paved the road for you. If you are willing to learn and put in the time, it's virtually impossible to fail in this business."

Audio Training Bonus #3: Secrets Of The *200 MILLION* Dollar Man! - Ted Nicholas Discover the truth of how an ice cream man became a Multi Million Dollar Information Marketer! Go behind the scenes with Joe Polish and get a rare insiders look at an honest to goodness rags to riches story of one of the nicest marketing legends I've ever met.$49

Audio Training Bonus #4: The Shortcut System To Creating A High Profit Book or Manual You Can Sell On the Internet. This 3 hour audio course is a  multimillion dollar brain trust of 7 high powered information marketers all sharing their secrets that made their fortunes. You won�t sleep after hearing this info packed seminar. $97

... My head is twirling with ideas and the bonuses, WOW!
Ron, this Boot Camp is worth its weight in gold. If parents would just send their children and young adults to a boot camp like this instead of college, they would learn more about money and how to really make it, than they will learn in all their years of schooling. It has been worth many times what we paid for it. Thank You, I can only say thank God I didn't miss it. Your speakers were great, the information excellent. My head is twirling with ideas and the bonuses, WOW!, plus all the contacts I've made while here have been incredible.
Dee Robinson
Cincinnati, Ohio

With all that said, you�re probably thinking�

Ok, Ron! Will I Need To Put A 2nd Mortgage On The House To Get Started With Your System?

Well, that depends on how you look at it. I know you expect me to charge an arm and a leg for this business in a box but after a lot of soul searching and examination of my long term goals, I�m going to shock you with the low investment.

Yes, I could easily get $3,000 for this business in a box and it�d be a bargain at that. Especially when you�d only have to sell 2 courses to get your investment back. But you won�t pay $3,000 or $2,000 or even $1,000. Your total investment is only $497 for this entire package.

Why so cheap? I think its obvious by now this is an incredible bargain at a much larger price. That�s the point and one of the most important lessons I�ll teach you about marketing.

It�s called the WOW effect. I want you to be overwhelmed with the incredible deal and make it easy to decide. Then I�ll send you 150% of what you expect. That way you and I will be doing business for a long time and we�ll both be better off because we met. Frankly, that�s the only way I�ll do business. Just take a look at the economics. Gosh, you could sell enough reports off the CD to pay for this whole package in no time. But�

If You Sell Just Two Courses You�ve Made All Your Money Back

Let�s play with some numbers and assume it costs you $50 in marketing costs and another $25 in product costs for each course you sell. Subtract that $75 from the $397 sales price for a $322 profit on each sale. Subtract another $22 for the Murphy factor and that leaves you $300 net on each.

So if you sell 10 a month you net $3000. Sell 25 a month and you can net $7,500. Sell 50 a month�And Net $15,000. Of course this all assumes you have no other products to sell and can�t find all kinds of other ways to make a lot of money from the same customer. That ain�t gonna happen when you get this incredible package because it comes with three killer products and 750 reports you can resell and I�ll teach you how to set up a residual income from the same customers.

Use the Internet section alone and learn how to get Free customers and you can add another $50 per sale to the bottom line.

In fact, I promise you if you just sell one course to one customer and follow-up with just 10% of the things we teach you to do on these CD's, you�ll make back 3 times your $497 investment. Heck, you can resell the same package I�m shipping you for your own use and recapture most of your money. That�s assuming you�re willing to part with it and I�m betting you won�t.

Here�s a thought? How many courses do you need to sell to be able to call your boss and tell him to shove it? If you net $300 per sale and want to replace a $50,000 job, by my calculation you�d only have to sell 166 courses in a whole year. That�s 14 a month or 4 a week. We�ll discuss your job on the CD's. You�ll see clearly why you may want to quit swapping hours for dollars and give yourself a pay raise.

Do You Need Previous Experience?

Absolutely not. I�ve structured this business assuming you have none and want to start from scratch. But I have built in so many state of the art, kick butt, new marketing techniques, even a veteran marketer would be foolish to miss it. You�ll not only get the 16 audio CD's of the three day event but you�ll also receive the exact same manual we used in class with the same page numbers we mentioned on the tapes for easy reference.

This manual is a step by step marketing machine containing ten years of my experience and a few million dollars worth of trial and error. Its worth more than you�re paying for the entire package and it�s laid out in laymen�s terms � anyone can follow. It�s the same manual you can duplicate and resell, along with the audios of the boot camp. Or, if you wish, you can order the complete package from us at a little over our costs. In addition you�ll get a Master Tool Kit with all the sales letters, postcards and marketing tools needed to sell the Information Marketing Boot Camp tapes. The tools are also on a diskette so you can simply add your phone number and address and print.

All you have to do is get these sales pieces in the hands of some prospects, and of course, that�s what we teach you to do on the very same tapes you�ll be selling. You�ll receive $397 on every order you take if you sell at our suggested price.

And just to make sure you get started with a bang, if you order immediately, I�d like to throw in a CD with ��

"750 How To Reports"  You Can Print And Resell

This thing is loaded with hundreds of reports ranging from two pages to two hundred page books, on every subject imaginable. You�ll have the rights to use any and all of them as you see fit, in any way you choose. Sell them separately or use them for bonuses with other products. You can print them on your computer or take the CD to any Kinko�s. You�ll literally be creating products for pennies and selling them for dollars. That�s what information marketing is all about.

Its obvious you can use the CD to generate a lot more than the cost of the boot camp tapes. You�ll learn how while listening to the tapes yourself. But that�s not the best part. You�ll also get the duplication and resell rights to sell the CD itself. That�s right. The CD sells for $149 by itself. Now you have another product you can sell alone or add as a bonus. You can have it made yourself or order them from us for $3.00 each. You pay $3.00 and sell it for $149.00. How�s that for a mark up�497%. I bet Wal-Mart would love that one.

You�ll also get a great sales letter that sells the CD for you, along with other marketing tools.

                         You�re Approved For A Merchant Account

I�ve even arranged a fully PRE-APPROVED merchant account for you, so you can accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover card. If you don�t already have a merchant account like this, you WILL want one (70% + of your sales will be by credit card), and these accounts can be difficult and costly to get. I�ve gotten the one-time set-up fees of $195.00 waived for you. And because you are a Licensee for my products, I�ve gotten you PRE-APPROVED for your own merchant account � guaranteed!

And it gets better � In your material you�ll find a vendor to do every aspect of your business except generate leads. There�s a whole list of companies to take your orders-24 hours, manufacture, warehouse and ship your products and process credit cards, if you don�t want to. You can set it up so you don�t have to fulfill a single order.

Now, the way you make giant cash profits just like I do is: by using my proven ads, postcards, and sales letters�.sending these materials out as instructed�.getting orders flowing in by FAX, mail, phone and optionally to your Web site�.then having the Fulfillment Center fill those orders for you. You begin by using my strategies exactly as I describe them.

But soon, one of your most exciting and interesting "jobs" will be looking for new and different places to advertise, new ways to distribute postcards or letters, and new joint venture opportunities. Your other main job is coordinating ad placements and mailings (which you can do by phone, while sitting by the pool). And your third big job is depositing all the money in the bank. You can have just about everything else done for you!

...this Boot Camp is worth its weight in gold
Ron, this Boot Camp is worth its weight in gold. If parents would just send their children and young adults to a boot camp like this instead of college, they would learn more about money and how to really make it, than they will learn in all their years of schooling. It has been worth many times what we paid for it.

Thank You, I can only say thank God I didn't miss it. Your speakers were great, the information excellent. My head is twirling with ideas and the bonuses, WOW!, plus all the contacts I've made while here have been incredible.

Dee Robinson
Cincinnati, Ohio

But Here�s The Biggest Reason Why This Is A Better Opportunity Than Anything You�ll Ever Hear About In Mail-Order

Frankly, it�s pretty easy to get people excited about the "joys" of being in the mail-order business, so there are a lot of promoters out there doing just that. You see them on late-night TV, in full-page ads in magazines, and at seminars that come through your town.

Most of these promoters are selling "pie in the sky numbers". The business plan they offer you are based on unrealistic economics. In other words, everything will have to go perfectly for you to make money. You�ll hear them talk about 5%, 10% even 15% response rate from direct mail, and you can get that � but not very often, not consistently.

One of the biggest "secrets" to my success has been basing my business on getting good results from bad numbers. That means I don�t need my ads to do well. I don�t need a big response from my mailings. Instead, I�m setup to make good money from minimum results. Its truly a Business In A Box. When you "clone" my business, you have a very low, very easy-to-get-over "break even hurdle" every time you run an ad or mail a sales letter.

But I Have A Confession

This is a terrific business, but it�s not a perfect business. (I doubt there is one.) How is it NOT perfect? Well, for one thing, you still have to do SOME work, especially in the beginning, when you�re getting going.

Second, different people do get different results. Each person applies my System differently, to different markets, advertising in different places, and so on. So not everybody gets the same results. So, all things considered, this isn�t perfect, but it is a very, very good opportunity. A real opportunity.

I can�t guarantee you success or even a profit. I�ve done my darndest to "cookie cutter" my methods but a lot still depends on you. So individual results will vary. The income figures I�ve discussed here are viable and mirror my experience, but can�t be viewed as typical of everybody�s results or as necessarily predictive of your results. So I can�t guarantee you any specific results. If you�re looking for a guarantee of that sort, this just isn�t for you.

But because it�s not perfect, and you do have to thoroughly review all the materials to fully understand it, I do provide a FREE INSPECTION GUARANTEE with my "Marketing License", you have 30 DAYS to review the materials I provide, to evaluate this opportunity, and still return everything for a full refund if you choose.

Now I�ll tell you here and now � there are darned few businesses you can start with any such guarantee! In most cases, you�ll borrow a bundle of money and jump in with both feet, and have no way out. But in this case, I�m giving you an entire four weeks to carefully evaluate this opportunity.

Better Than Risk Free Guarantee

If after you purchase this product you feel for any reason it fails to live up to my promises (or even if it does and you just change your mind), simply send it back for a prompt and courteous refund of the purchase price. NO questions asked. No hassle. No "fine print." No excuses. It�s simple and straightforward. You are either thrilled with what you get or you get a full refund. I only want satisfied customers. If you're not going to profit from this incredible deal , I would really prefer to buy it back from you.

But even if you decide to return this product for a full refund, please keep all the bonus reports and the 750 How to Reports CD as our special gift to you. It�s our way of thanking you for giving us a try. This way even if you decide it�s not right for you, the worst that can happen is you�ll get $361 in bonus reports, plus a $149 CD for a total of $510 value absolutely FREE. That�s what I mean by a better than risk free guarantee.

Here�s A Quick Recap�.You get:

  16 Audios CD's of the professionally recorded Information Millionaires Boot Camp  conducted over 3 days. Each attendee paid $1498 to be there.

  Systems Manual we use in class with the same page numbers we refer to on the tapes. You�ll be selling this package for $397, so obviously it carries at least that much value to you.

License to duplicate and resell these CD's or you can order from us, and you keep all the money. The license would normally sell for $1,497 and that�s what future dealers will pay.

Master Tool Kit with all the marketing pieces for this course with step by step instructions and contacts.

750 How To Reports CD with an almost endless supply of reports and books you can sell or use as bonuses. We sell this CD for $149.

License to duplicate and to resell the CD or you can order them from us for $2.00 each.

Sales Letter to sell the CD for $149. You may use as you see fit.

All of the  Amazing 23 Free Bonuses I mentioned above, valued at a WHOPPING $2227.

You get this HUGE Package of INCREDIBLE Products. Add it Up.. That's a Total Value of a WHOPPING $2,227!

You�ll Never Find An Easier, Sure-Fire Way To Earn This Kind Of Money!

If you�re looking for a reliable way of making some serious money with almost no effort required, then THIS IS IT! The Information Millionaires Boot Camp   is a HOT product with a golden track record! It�s extremely profitable! It appeals to millions! And, it runs on full auto-pilot.

Right now, you can own the complete Information Millionaires Boot Camp  Business-In-A-Box for a one time investment of $1997.00 $1497.00, $997.00, $497.00 Only! Order Now Through Our Secure Online Order Form

A Final Question�.

If you turn your back on this opportunity, when do you think another successful bona fide mail order publisher will drop by, willing not only to teach you everything he knows, but willing to let you copy and clone his high-profit business, willing to hand you everything you need to do so, willing to hook you up with his personal cadre of suppliers who�ll do all your work for you, willing to let you review it all on a guaranteed basis, and even willing to refund you every dime if you choose and keep $510 in free stuff.

Gosh, this isn�t a life or death decision. Nobody�s gonna die regardless of whether you order or not. It�s a small amount of money for a huge gain in income and you can�t possibly lose. Don�t you think you�d be wise to order now?

It�s even tax deductible. You see, even Uncle Sam wants you to order. That way you can pay more taxes when you make more money. 

I sure hope we hear from you soon. With this incredible offer it should be an easy decision. I�d love for us to get to know each other and this is the best way I know. We really are making millionaires all over North America. Won�t you join us? 

Call Toll Free at 1-877-636-9631 or Click Here to order online


Ron LeGrand

P.S. Remember, you get permanent reprint and duplication rights to the Information Millionaires Boot Camp Home Study Course, the  sales letter, the lead-generating postcard, the classified ads, testimonials, and a lot more! You get a turn-key package that�s already been developed, tested, and proven for you!

And, selling this course is easy! Especially when you�ve got the credentials of the world�s top direct mail and internet marketers on your side.

P.P.S. Only a limited  number of reprint licenses  to the Information Millionaires Boot Camp 16 CD Home Study Course will be issued worldwide. This will ensure the market doesn�t become saturated and protect our licensees. The last product we offered reprint rights to sold-out quickly. And we had to turn away a lot of disappointed people. Don�t let this happen to you. Invest now


�Steal� The Permanent Reprint & Duplication Rights To the 16 CD Information Millionaires Bootcamp & Bonuses Worth a REAL $2227 Today For a One Time Investment of Just  $1997.00 $1497.00, $997.00, $497.00 Only!


Remember, this discount  PLUS FREE SHIPPING will not last long so ACT NOW while you still can...






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